The Magic Key For Our Indian Sky #MoreIndianThanYouThink

The Human Perspective

“Do in Rome as Romans do” – An age old yet powerful and fruitful saying. Perspectives are like finger prints. No one matches the another one. But one thing is for sure – For any community among the wide spread spectrum of human race – The underlying core principles of the clan are Unique. Every single behavior, Every single like or a dislike are derived from any one or another core principle of the community that they belong. Its same for every living creature on earth – Human are no exception.

Do in Rome as Romans do

We cumulatively love certain moves, cumulatively celebrate certain actions, cumulatively follow certain
things. The flavor and the icing on the cake might differ but the cake itself do not. So do not forget, “Do in Rome as Romans do”.

Well, if you need a real time example – watch out, how these guys are clinching it with style and synergy #MoreIndianThanYouThink – Watch Lufthansa’s latest TV Commercial Here

lufthansa-More Indian than you think

The Power of Localization

I have to recollect this case study from my MBA days. Funny one yet strategically powerful while footing on a new land. Here we go.

Its a very famous cola company, say an internationally acclaimed brand that everyone counts on.
They are grabbed by every hand except the Arabs. The marketing team decides to land their foot on Arabia and on a fine day they roll out their most powerful campaign in hand which is a giant Flex Poster that contains 3 carved to perfection images.

  1. The left most – A man who looks drained and weary of thirst and dehydration.
  2. The middle one – The man drinks the Cola that is being marketed.
  3. The right most – The same man jumping in Joy and rejoicing like he won the first prize of Lufthansa’s #MoreIndianThanYouThink contest.

Adding more clarity – The theme was how a thirsty and weary man gets into a full swing of energetic and passionate mood once he drink their Cola.

After a week of this campaign posters erected every nook and corner of an Arabian city, they pushed the product into the market. A day, a week and of-course a month passed. You know what – not even a single drink was sold over the counter. Even when they attempted to sell it for free on their own outlets, People stayed a mile away.

The marketing team were dumbstruck and they had no explanation or a clue. The post disaster rigorus analysis revealed a simple fact that they failed to study – Arabs read from Right to Left against the conventional Left to Right.

So what happened .? The locals looked at the banners and interpreted that the right most energetic man who drinks the cola becomes weary and tired. Insane end of improper localization. Let me repeat it again – “Do in Arabia as Arabs do” like our King of European skies “Lufthansa” have just done in India.

Do in India as Indians Do


As a community – We Indians reflect varsity of colors. We differ by language, we differ by culture and we differ by everything you call it. That must be pretty awesome and adorable for a race that is being evolved and sustained over 5300 years on our Mother earth.

We have differences but we are together. We have opinions, but we are alike. We have learnt to disrespect who disrespect us. We have learnt to adore who respect us. We have learnt to celebrate who respect us.
We have learnt to raise when something comes against us and welcome when something gets along with us. The laying stone for any eternal bond has to be the feel of togetherness as We love who love us.

When I first saw this commercial on television, all I had was a big smile and surprise on my face. Nothing flashed in mind but a warmth of love. Soothing feel of some one at your level accredits of my sentiments, emotions and specially what we are. Simply, the Lufthansa’s #MoreIndianThanYouThink TV commercial held my hand and whispered at my heart, “Fly with me, I take you anywhere”. Hats off, “team Lufthansa” .!

Being a frequent traveler to Germany (I am a part of Robert Bosch), I have learnt about Germany and I speak ein bisschen Deutsch. I have been guided, I have been taught and I have been accepted by Germans inside and outside of my office premises. I have personally felt the warmth of safety in Germany and the same with you, the king of skies Lufthansa.

Our Final Call For You


Being an Indian, I am open to anyone who need my support. But I am so adamant that they should deserve my support. We have a lots of space in here to grow, but no room for even a sign of disrespect. I am an Indian and I love myself for who I am.

  • When the moment you brought in the true German blood inside your Indian crew, Wow.
  • When the moment you thought us equal to you, another Wow.
  • When the moment you decided to train and place your countrymen to serve us on your flight,
    a big Wow and a Loads of Respect .!

Being #MoreIndianThanYouThink, you just flattened Us. With your secret plan to win over Indians, you really have rejoiced us. With your line of perfect execution, You just won our hearts.

Let me make a final call for you, crew Lufthansa – “You deserve our Indian sky and Welcome on Board, together let’s Fly” …

For More Details : Lufthansa Official Website


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