The Story of a Suicide – A Classy and Compelling Read

The Foreword :

You know what, The story of Suicide is one of the best laid modern day short works that stays apart from the rest through the unique thoughts it invokes.

The story puts forth a handful of sensitive events that are really daring yet untouched corners of human lives which are worth finding an answer for. In the same time, The plot swings meticulously with such a precision and details of adolescent riddles that are sugar coated with fun and ecstasy.

Overall, “The Story Of A Suicide” keeps you glued to every page and Finishes high with a riveting twist of events that’s gonna nail your hearts.

A Reader’s View:

The foremost thumbs up goes for the characterization.

The Characters

  • It could be the Provoked Sam or Daring Charu or Pitiful Mani or Downhearted Hari – The fact remains that you fall in love with them instantly.
  • You could relate to each one of them so naturally and feel like you have met them before.
  • The portrayal is so brilliant in such a way that you laugh with them, weep with them and simply start to walk with them.

Friends misshaped by fate

Its evident that these characterization acts as a magical wand that holds you tight with the plot.

What Stands Tall?

  • Most of the events are personally relatable.
    • If you are a Regional language student in your schooling, You could personally relate to the pain of Mani who is often humiliated with his language shortfalls and loose direction in his Higher Institution.

Down Hearted Man

  • While the initial rapport of Sam and Charu is super Classy whereas the Sequence of Draupadi and Caesar is an Epic Masterstroke.
  • The author scores (Not the “Scores” that trolls in the plot alright?) when Mani’s childhood struggles wet your eyes whereas Hari’s childhood abuses get you numb.Kids abused at klin
  • Write up is far less a word here, Rage of Sam is like a ‘seasoned carving’ of an dazzling adolescent mindset which is so immatured like a crying baby for a fallen lollipop.
    • Sam’s “fame hungry” narration to his friend about his personal encounter with his girlfriend is one such a reflection of sad adolescent immaturity and false pride.
      • Still, I liked the Author’s attention to the details of that encounter. Awesome! 😉

The Love Couple

With all those moments of Roller Coaster ride , The story strikes the bulls-eye with many key points to ponder.

  • Charu answers Mani in grief when she was really invaded, “Life is a Struggle and The fight goes on”. What is the purpose of life?” Mani asked. “To fight against injustice,” Charu answered.
    • Quite matured, meaningful and Motivating. Isn’t it?

Never Give Up

  • The breakup of Sam with Priya is yet another adolescent mystery given that the excruciating yet enthralling letter of love from Sam.
  • Hari, in his childhood becomes a poor victim of repeated brutal sexual harassment by his own uncle that turns him out to be a vulnerable  introvert adult and who eventually misshaped by the cruel fate.
    • His life is a lesson for the so called ‘new gen’ parents who pay deaf ears to their Kid’s woes.

Man provoked and stressed

  • The episodes of Mani and Hari are really a daring attempt to enlight upon some ‘hard to believe’ yet ‘not less than real’ puzzles of human relationships.
  • Madhavi teacher is worth to mention here, “How teachers go integral and an essential part of shaping our Children’s young minds”.
  • Poor Sam who could have been an acclaimed technical geek falls prey to the misdirection of his friend which unfolds some deadly, hard to guess, consequences.

Devil in mind

  • The clinical details of a Suicide makes one trembling and nervous. It really shatters The lame Suicide idea if one have any such.
  • The paintings are a big ‘Wow’ for the plot and Quite meaningful too. A few of them are scattered around this post too.
  • Trojans and Cyber Crime investigations are smoothly weaved into the plot and well supported with technical insights too.

Trojan Horse

  • Its not wise to leave the Author’s sense of humor behind which sparkles consistently and brings laughter when you really need one.
  • The microscopic details such as “Oonjal” and “Karnatic Raaga Kaapi” are aesthetically aiding the readers to travel with the plot.
  • The insightful stand up comedy that trolls our own race sounds smart and really a test for one’s ribs.

Stand up comedian

  • The tweets of Sam are just classy masterpieces in their own style. For instance,
    • He tweets – “Her eyes burned red, but wonder if it was her body or anger that was hotter,”
    • “Never under estimate the power of your #Girlfriend. She has the ability to make anything your fault,” Sam tweeted when she wasn’t looking.
    • “Just called the police on my girlfriend. She hasn’t committed a crime, I just want them to come and remind her she has the right to remain silent #Shutup”, he tweeted without paying attention to her rants.

Sam is calling

What Would You Miss?

  • A few more tweets from Sam.
  • A few more chapters from the Author.

A Few Life Tips :

Love and Love only

  • Love Unconditionally. Get assured Its bidirectional.
  • Knowing Less is a Bliss. Trust your Partner.
  • Believe in You. No matter what, Never Give Up.
  • Being a Hunter is no pride. At times, The Hunter is Hunted.
  • Life is beautiful. Live it till the end.

The Final Words :

A Good read

For sure, The whole story is gonna engulf and gallop the reader right from start to it’s end. For me, It started like a beautiful melody, shook me page by page, boiled my blood, Gushed my rage out, Tickled my ribs with Laughter, Wet my eyes and Chilled my spine with horror.

Towards the end, when the cyber crime investigations begin, the story races unstoppable, nail biting and finishes heavy with a riveting unanticipated twist that hammers “thud” right on our minds.

#storyofasuicide – A Classy and Compelling Read.


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