The Mystery Man

Though I had learnt astrology is based on some science concepts, I had never believed on people who claim themselves as predictors of future. Well, until April 19th 2003, 1:45 PM, Until i met that Mystery Man.

The Mystery in Our Way :

Myself and 2 of my classmates were camped at Thanjavur, to attend coaching classes for the sake of cracking engineering entrance examinations that year. Thanjavur had some best coaching centers, my dad believed and hence I was sent there. 2 of my close friends who follow me everywhere had followed me there as well.Fortune_Teller

Adding clarity about our schedule – We used to have 4 sessions in the morning each for an hour and an 65 minutes of break followed by 2 model exams in the afternoon. It was really a packed schedule of 9 long hours.

On that particular day, we had completed our meal and waiting outside of a hotel for other guys in our batch to join us (a small gang we formed in the camp). I had a look at my wrist watch and it was 40 mins more. When I turned up, Out of no where he appeared in front of me. Looked at each one of us closely and moved opposite to one of my friend.

The Mysterious Touch :

He should be around 50 years old and had worn a multi-color turban and a overcoat which looked lasting from his teenage. He was holding a small trumpet kind of stuff in one hand which was covered with thick red threads and a big cloth bag hanging on his right. He had put lots of beaded chains on his neck and had a big mustache even. Totally a Mysterious Look.

He was looking intensely at my friend for a moment and asked you loved a girl sincerely, aren’t you ? my friend was surprised, had no clue how to react. I just intruded and asked what he wanted. The mystery man repeated the same question in stressing tone. I was a bit curious and said yes, so what? Actually that was not a lie. mystery man claimed again, that girl dumped your friend, wasn’t she.? We 3 went speechless now as what he told was a fact too. Coming out of surprise, I told yes, how do you know.? He looked back at my friend, “That’s not important”. Paused for a moment, “One friend of that girl now loves you. Do you know?”. My friend was at clouds nine and slapped back in excitement who is she?. With a gentle smile, he grabbed my friends hand and told come with me. I immediately hold my friend’s other hand and warned him in a whisper that he may deceive him. By that time another 2 of my batch had joined us, looking puzzled at seeing us with a stranger. Mystery man grasped the doubt in my mind and left my friends hand. Moved closer to me and gave a staring look. Swiftly moved to another friend of mine and looked around all of us “You kids doubted me, let me prove myself. Check if there is a mole on his back where the right hand joins”, deeply looking into my eyes. Others jumped at him and made his shirt half open to check for any mole. I was dumbstruck to see it was there exactly where he claimed.

nostradamus_urgidHow he would have guessed that? After a minute of confusion, when I looked around, he had already convinced my friend about his lady love and taken him away. When they came back after about 10 minutes, asked him what happened.?

Locking the Target :

Mystery man had taken my friend to an isolated building nearby and took out a human skull and a couple of bones from his cloth bag and handed them to my friend. Asked to put 100 bucks on it. He was so scared and paid instantly. Here was the trick he played to act smart. Just to show himself not interested in money, he asked my friend to go to a nearby gravy yard that even after 11 PM to bury the bones, skull and the money. As he expected, my friend was scared to death on hearing that. MM also threatened “failing to do that, you need to face bad signs for rest of your life. But if you could do it, the girl will be all yours”. Obviously my friend was shocked and looked for alternatives. Mystery man expressed that he can do that if my friend is ok with the deal. He accepted the deal and handed over the skull and bone back to him along with the 100 rupee bill. I really got impressed on that guys intelligence in earning and the same time appeared to be honest.

The True Nostradamus :

Anyhow I was still doubting him as an illusionist who cheat money from innocent public. He obviously knew that I was the only guy in the gang not believed him even after he identified the hidden mole on my friend. He came to me, closer and closed his eyes for a moment and uttered a few words “Your zodiac sign is Virgo and you have a mole on your xxxxxx”, I had no idea about that mole if its there, but I knew my ZS was cancer. So I slapped back, you are lying, my ZS is cancer. He laughed back and told “I meant not your ZS, but girls would be fond on you.” One of my friend chuckled as it was a bit factual. But at least I was happy that my friends did not attempt to check that mole in my hidden part in public.

Predicting-the-FutureMy friend alerted that we were running out of time. I was fully struck with thoughts of to believe him or not, my only hope of dumb him was the mole which could not be checked in public. He broke my silence and gave me a location where I can meet him tomorrow. He was as so confident while saying that and moved away swiftly.

We started running towards the exam center and lost completely on the noon tests and answer discussions. It was 6 PM, the same day. I was taking bath and stressing out, suddenly his face flashed in my mind. His mysterious look and talk. I looked down in no time and instantly felt the spin of earth for a moment – Oh God, He was absolutely right. He was no more a Mystery man, but a True Nostradamus.


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