Story – The Betrayal

Solar energy professor Ms.Sagunthala reaches Delhi to attend an international seminar. In her hotel room, she is threatened and sedated, hence she fails to attend the seminar. As a twist she was sedated by none other than the state’s intelligence agency based on a secret information that she gonna sell the secret of her research to a foreign country for a ransom money against the interest of the nation and Also her life was in danger. She is sent back to Chennai and advised to claim for police protection.

Meanwhile in Chennai, CBI offcial Mr.Vivek happens to attend an accident case which turns out to be a murder suspect. He infers with the aid of his back end team that the car was owned by professor Sagunthala. When reaching her residence, Vivek smells something wrong and sneaks into the locked house through a ventilator fan to see the professor was murdered inside.

The contributing factors of the original accident sounds fake and Vivek attempts to nail the person who ill informed police about the accident. The person was dead by snake byte when he reach the spot. But the postmortem report claims its a setup and the venom was injected into him which creates more fuzz. Also CBI seizes a bank sealed note from the informer’s house. Further investigation reveals the owners of an renowned fertilizer industry who actually withdrew that money to make the informer to setup the accident.

When sacked the big shots, they claim they only lend that money for his daughter marriage and shows the proof as such. Puzzled Vivek enquires further and surprised to see their father Mr.Thrivedhi even a solar energy techie. On checking his father’s locked room, Vivek gets a photo which has his father along with an international smuggler and a common friend. Vivek reaches out that common friend in suspect for enquiry and where he was locked up at gun point as he had narrowed down to the master mind behind all these.

Before setting up a bomb to kill vivek they reveal the plot – Actually prof. Sagunthala cheats Thrivedhi and steals a micro chip with research secrets which she planned to sell in conference in Delhi. She also kills Thrivedhi by inducing heart attack and sets it up natural. At the moment of death this was revealed to his sons and they plotted this whole killing sequence as a revenge for their father’s death. They lock down the room after setting up the bomb and heads to the door without knowing the police shadow squad awaiting for them just at their doors based on the info Vivek passed as he smelled the photos he found on Trivedhi’s room was too new to find in a 3 year locked down room.

Thus CBI locks down the criminal masterminds in their own style.

Source : Oru Gram Dhrogam by Rajesh Kumar


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