Why did I Slap that Girl?

Without knowing the fact that i was gonna slap a girl hardly right on her face in about 40 minutes, We had just reached the Thirupathi railway station.

We had arrived 55 mins earlier than the scheduled departure of Sapthagiri Express. We were so contended that we had an excellent dharshan of ‘on hill Lord Venkateshwara’ and ‘down hill his better half’. Myself with my parents and my brother’s family were walking up slowly on the steps of the over bridge to reach platform number 3. P3 had been flooded by people and the over bridge looked a bit free to sit and relax. My bro suggested to sit aside of the pathway which sounded an ideal solution. The whole family resided in around a pillar and i moved a little away with my mobile.

Crowded Railway PlatformI Sat at about 15 foot away from my family and was checking out FB. After a while, when I turned away from my phone, noticed that girl who stood at the opposite side of pathway with a manipulative look on me. She should be on her early 20’s. She looked as of a native and had worn a weird combination of tops and pants and a bit dirty too.

I just ignored her and looked at my family. My parents were half slept and my bro had a serious discussion with his wife. Felt a bit tired and it was still 40 odd minutes for the train. So decided to have a power nap. Shrunken my legs to put my face down and fall a sleep instantly.

I woke up when someone tapped at my knee. Shocked to see it was that girl who stood opposite to me sometime back. I immediately glanced my parents and they were still asleep. With a shock on face and anger in tone asked her what did she want.? She told something in Telugu which I did not understand. I first assumed her as a beggar and told her with hand signs as I do not have money and get away.

Unexpectedly she moved even closer to me and asked with hand signals like why I sat here. It was smelling liquor from her and I felt a moment of urge to cast her away asap. Making sure no one is noticing, showed her my family who were sitting nearby and signed her that am with them. I had a new doubt that she might be a pro. She looked at them and me, stood up slowly. I gave a sigh of relief without knowing the mess I was getting into.

The Slapping Moment

She moved a few foot away, stood and was starring at me doubtfully. She should have thought that i am lying and i must be alone. I thought for a second to get up and sit aside my parents. But my ego laughed at me “go, hide behind your parents, you coward”. Instantly fixed my mind to face whatever happens.

When I was in deep thoughts, felt a firm hold on my forehand. It was her pulling me up and signaled to go near to my family. Sounded like she was testing if we were really a family. But I was so irritated as she touched me, wavered my hand and pushed her aside by forcing at her Shoulder. But she didn’t care. When she again tried to grab my hands, I was at extreme anger and had to slapped her intensely on face. yes, i really slapped her straight on her cheeks. Slapping a misbehaving Girl

She was about to slip down but managed.  Shouted something in Telugu, I grasped from her action that she was demanding money. Just noticed the mess, my dad reached near me and asked “what happened?” By that time she was shouting heavily and my dad decided to settle her with a hundred rupees bill. I plucked the note from him as I did not wish to encourage that stupid girl otherwise she might repeat the same to anyone else like me.

I shouted back at her , “leave or I ‘ll call police”. She signaled me to call with a chuckle, clearly, never minded of my threat. But I was serious about it. When I looked around, could not locate even a single cop, only flock and flocks of pilgrims everywhere. I was clueless till we hear a new voice from behind. We turned back. There was a middle aged lady, looked like a beggar, raised a supportive tone. She complained about that girl that she used to apply this trick often to grab money from passengers. On hearing that, this girl got pissed off and got on to confront that middle aged woman.

My mom pushed me away using this gap towards P3. My bro who was watching all these without even blinking, grabbed all the luggage immediately and started to move with us. When we were getting the steps, the fight was intense behind us. As we hit the platform, train had just entered the station.

The confession

For a couple of days , I was a bit upset for that incident. Though as a matter of fact, she had drunk, trafficking, even behaved like a pro, I was not 100% sure if my act of slapping a girl is acceptable? Though I had not planned it, reacted in a moment of anger, I couldn’t convince my mind that my behavior was absolutely fine.? I had no option, really.

What should I have done?

May the god forgive me.! Will he.?

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